Marini and Associates

Mr. Culver has been our ‘go to guy’ for most of our computer needs for approximately 8 years. We have had several contractor technicians work on our equipment and Mr. Culver by far has been the most knowledgeable. He has been able to repair most of our issues with a simple phone call and when it required him to come on site, the problems were quickly resolved.

Mr. Culver has an extensive knowledge of many of the unique software packages we use and if not, he works with the software vendor to fix the problem.

He helped us set up the DSL configuration to our computers and these all work fine, along with phone support when things go wrong.

His billing seems very reasonable; in line with the other contractors we have dealt with. He does charge for phone support, but only after several instances.

All in all, we highly recommend Mr. Culver as our computer technician. Fast response, reasonable prices, outstanding general computer knowledge, and ‘good’ fixes are Mr. Culver’s best attributes.

Ned Marini

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