Quirk Moving and Archiving

As a small business owner (We have a full staff of 17 people) we don’t have the luxury to afford an on-site tech for our systems. Our focus is on operating our business. We don’t have the staff or capability to manage computers, security systems or peripheral equipment.

Charles has been our off-site on-site tech guru. When we have an issue we call Charles. He’s never once let us down or failed to make an appointment. He’s in very quickly and has us up fast.

He can handle all the services we need from the very beginning. Running wiring, setting up the servers, email, security, passwords, getting everything on-line, printers, smart phones, tablets, everything.

His consulting work has been very helpful. We know one thing, we want our computers to start without issues, get our mail, process our orders and focus on our business. Charles knows our business, knows what we need and doesn’t waste time tinkering with useless suggestions or concepts. His pricing is more than fair. He’s logged more hours than we’ve ever been charged for. That’s integrity.

I would highly recommend Charles’s company to manage even the most difficult set of circumstances.

Kevin Quirk

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